The Time Is Now

Author: Sheilah Overman, MS., Marriage & Family Therapy Intern, and IMF #71336

 I was inspired to write this article after reading, Megan Jay’s book: The Defining Decade.

If you are currently in your twenties, or recall being in your twenties, you may have heard this line many times: “Right now I just wanna have fun, I don’t wanna worry about a career, or finding the right girl/ guy.”

It doesn’t hurt to have fun, and it sure doesn’t hurt to take time to find Mr./ Mrs. Right; But, you may want to remember that “Just having fun” can quickly turn into, “I am almost 30 and have no savings, no career, and thought I’d be married by now!”.

I often work with men and women in young adulthood (20’s), and often spend time listening to clients describe how they felt as though they did not have a sense of urgency during early adulthood because, after all, they had 10 long years until they needed to be an adult (a.k.a. “Turned 30”).

What many of my clients eventually realized was, they were not fully utilizing these precious years to position themselves to launch their long-term game plans. They were not preparing themselves to live their ideal lives.

Many people might explain that they did not know what their “ideal lifestyle” was in their 20’s, so they just “had fun” and hoped that it would “eventually all make sense”. Well, that is one way of looking at it…

When speaking to people who utilize their 20’s in a way that allows them to work towards their future goals, their perspective is a bit different. These young adults intentionally seek to poise themselves in careers, circle of friends, and hobbies that allow them to walk toward understanding, then aligning with the long term lifestyle that they desire. The difference is, intentionality! Do things “just eventually happen”, or do you go out and create opportunities for yourself?

I encourage you to live with intentionality and read Megan Jay’s book, The Defining Decade.

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