On Staying Inspired


Graphic by 24slides.
Author: Sheilah Overman, MS., Marriage & Family Therapy Intern, and IMF #71336
I am wishing you a quick hello and happy Monday afternoon!
At times, inspiration may come easier than others. If you are feeling the lack of inspiration lately, you may need to reevaluate your daily or weekly routines and habits. Often times, we take for granted the crucial impact that sleep plays in our lives. If we are not getting enough of it, tackling our daily tasks or beginning that new project may seem like a dreaded chore…So get more Zzzz, please.
Above is a great visual diagram which represents aspects of our lives that may need tending to. Look at the diagram, and ask yourself; Am I focusing on these areas adequately? You may find that you need to incorporate more exercise into your routine, or spend more time browsing educational material that could increase your productivity at work. Even something as simple as expressing gratitude for minor things could drastically improve your outlook and cause you to reintroduce inspiration into your days.
In an attempt to acquire more inspiration, what thing/s do you need to incorporate into your daily routine?
…Or, what thing/s do you need to eliminate?
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