Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who goes to therapy?

A: Anyone who would like to enrich their life, or an area of their life in any particular way. For example: Wanting a career change, losing weight, balancing parenthood and career, becoming more involved in school, gaining more self-confidence, spirituality issues, sexuality issues, loosing a loved one, etc. Anyone can benefit from therapy!

Q: How much does therapy cost?

A: I offer affordable and competitive rates (based on the San Diego, Ca. market). I currently charge $60-$120/ hour. That rate is based on a sliding-scale, meaning: whatever you are comfortable with, and are able to afford.

Q: How long is a therapy session?

A: Individual sessions (one client and myself) are 50 minutes long. Couple/ Family sessions (2 or more clients and myself) are 1 hour and 30 mins. Adjustments can be made to accommodate your needs.

Q: How often should I attend therapy?

A: That is entirely up to you. Many of my clients come in on a fairly regular basis (Once a week, or every other week.) A handful of clients choose to come in every 3 weeks or once a month. It depends on you, your current circumstance, and what you can afford. We can collaborate and find a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: No, not at this time.

Q: Is there street parking?

A: Yes! We actually have a private parking lot. No parking meters in sight.


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Suite 308,
San Diego, CA 92108
P: (858) 848- 1638
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